How many shirts do I have to order or is there a minimum? 

  • You can order just one, however, the price is based on the quantity.
  • The more you order, the better your price. 

How long does an order take?

  • It really depends on what you're having done. 
  • Screenprinting usually takes between 7-10 business days.
  • We can put names on shirts (think baseball shirts) in about 10 minutes.
  • We have lots of options and a full staff of 6 full time employees to help get your order done as fast as possible. 

How do I pay for my order?

  • We do require a 50% deposit of the total cost of your order when the order is placed. 
  • The remaining balance is required when you pick up your order.
  • We accept cash and credit cards. 

Can I bring in my own shirt?

  • You may bring in your own shirt(s). 
  • It may not save you a lot of money (if any) as our prices are based on the total print job and not just a shirt price. 
  • If you do bring in your own shirt(s), please understand that we cannot accept any liability on those provided items. 

What do you print? 

  • We are textile printers. 
  • If it's cloth, chances are we print it and embroider it.
  • If it's not cloth, ask and we'll find out if we can print on it for you.